Soulful Seeds started with one man's Vision, a sharecropper as a child who grew up poor with fourteen siblings in Arkansas. It is this man's goal to provide and teach others, with very little resources, how to grow gardens that can provide healthy food for themselves, their families and others. Saint Mary's, a local healthcare system, offered this man a small lot and he has been providing healthy food for the needy through food pantries, kitchens and partnerships. 

Our Vision:  We are dedicated to providing fresh, sustainable healthy food  to the homeless, working poor, disabled, veterans, seniors and families in need. Our Vision is simple, "It Takes A Village", a village that includes business, government, foundations, healthcare, non-profits, farmers and individuals, coming together to maximize fresh food production and distribution to those in need.

Our Mission, Our Promise:  Providing those in need the food, that most of us take for granted.  

Our Values: We value all individuals' in the community, focusing on those that have very little resources. The community we live in embraces all who live here and will come together, when called upon, for the less fortunate.

Soup Kitchen