Coming Soon Soulful Seeds Garlic Spices

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Soulful Seeds is currently in the developing and in the testing process of a collection of garlic spices. We are pleased to have local chefs' and community members tasting the product and providing us feedback. When we go into production these spices will be sold at the Great Basin Food Cooperative. The ultimate goal is to provide workforce opportunities for those we are serving. All of the profits (after expenses) from the sale of spices will go back into Soulful Seeds for infrastructure development. Spices Include:

*Smoked Praprika Heirloom Garlic Salt

*White Cheddar Heirloom Garlic Salt

*Heirloom Black Garlic Salt

*White Cheddar Garlic Pepper

For more information on our spices, call us or email at the contact information below!