How We Do It

Our Organization is Built On Four Core Pillars

Pillar One: Community Gardens: An expansion of community gardens in the community will allow Soulful Seeds and its' partners to significantly increase the amount of food provided for those in need through various distribution sites.  

Pillar Two: Neighborhood Gardens: Neighborhood gardens will provide food as close to the population that needs it as possible. Soulful Seeds will help build, teach and offer support, so each neighborhood can grow, utilize and maintain the garden.

Pillar Three: Workforce Development: Creating opportunities for individuals who need or want to work, to help themselves and others.

Pillar Four: Teaching and Education: Soulful Seeds will create a variety of education programs for building, preparing, planting, harvesting and garden maintenance. We will also provide educational classes to teach how to cook the food that is grown. 


Soulful Seeds is a 501(c)3 dedicated to providing those in need what many of us take for granted, healthy food and a opportunity to learn and to support others. 

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